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A few days ago I noticed a slightly painful knee. Whenever I leaned on it I felt a weak twitch coming from it. Since I couldn't remember having bumped it into anything it triggered something else. I started to open up to the possibility that it might have something to do with my ascension process.

And there you go: right into some psychological game which often accompanies any physical abberation: would this have to do with the ascension process or am I making things up and are there more down-to-earth reasons for it. I think you know what I mean with down-to-earth in this context, even though the ascension process appears to deal a lot with getting more information down to Earth.

This page presents some excerpts that talk about the possible role the knees could play during the ascension process. Perhaps it has got something to do with my knee and perhaps not. Whatever it may be, enjoy this page!

September 2004. The knees are mentioned in connection with the side channels of their kundalini-system.


In Chinese Medicine, this herb is used for pain in the joints or bones and in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or a cold sensation and pain in the back and knees.

From the perspective of the Herb Kingdom, this herb opens the side channels of the kundahlini and balances the left and right energy flow of the chakras and subtle bodies. The Kundahlini has a main channel that allows fire and chi to move from the aurora of earth up the spine of the etheric body. There are also two side channels that run up each leg and side of the body, down the arms and out the hands. The side channels provide chi to the main meridians and the smaller lay lines of the grid work of the form. Therefore open side channels are imperative to assure that the main meridians have enough chi to remain opened, and to the movement of chi through the entire etheric body, which in turn sustains the life of the form.

Often humans are prone to shutting off their side channels by closing the chakras in the feet or knees or both. This often leads to feet and knee pain. Humans have learned to separate from earth by shutting of the energy in the legs that would allow for an interconnection. This herb will assist initiates in releasing the karma that has caused one’s ancestry to separate from earth and cease to ground or connect energetically unto her body. As this is accomplished, there can be adequate movement of chi up the side channels of the Kundahlini for the purposes of ascension.
Chinese Herbs for Ascension (2004)

In December 2002 we are given a meditation for working with the elements. Here I have taken out steps 11 to 13 since they had something to do with the knees. For the rest of the meditation click at the link below the text:

11. Take another big in-breath and slowly release it. Now let us move our sexual energy. The kundahlini moves up the spine like hot lava and out the top of the head. There are also side channels that run up through the feet, up through the pelvis, up the torso and down the arms out the hands. Let us focus upon clearing any blockages or stuck points in these major energy channels at this time, dissolving them with whatever language of light tones that can assist.

12. There is a second Kundahlini energy system, which sits on top of the etheric skin. As this is activated, fire will leap from the skin up to 3 feet from the form in an etheric blaze of the language of light. Let us activate this now. Do you have all of your information to date in your ascension for the movement of the Kundahlini? If not, let us retrieve what is missing and release the karma in our tapestry of ancestry by again running the pale pink vibrations through it and between parties. Let us also intend to release all karma that causes us to fear our sexual energy flow.

13. Take another deep in-breath and slowly release it. Let us now call upon the element of fire, asking the chakras under the feet along with the feet, knees, hips, first, second and third chakras to burst into a giant ball of flames that encompasses the entire lower half of one’s global field. Let us call upon true magnetic fire. Let us allow fire to burn off all karma, entities, patterns, thought-form and machines held within the lower half of our field that no longer serve our current level of ascent. Let us burn off the cords of attachment from the lower half of the form to all persons, places and objects associated, much like one would light a fuse burning it from end to end. Now let us reweave our circuitry within, joining masculine and feminine, right and left, front and back into a circle of completion.
Solstice Blessings and Meditation (2002)

From 4200 strands onwards the chakra system would change from a 7 chakra-system to a 12 chakra-system. The knees are mentioned in this context as well:


1st Chakra - Grounding Chakra
This chakra begins under the feet and is for purposes of grounding soul into form. This chakra has multiple energy components and moves around the field in a complex system of rotation to keep soul anchored in the center of the form and field or subtle bodies. This chakra includes the feet, knees and hips along with root chakra and seven sets of chakras that extend from the feet to the aurora in the center of earth.
Anatomy of an Ascending Energy Field (2002)

I guess it is meditation time. In an article from the Great Central Sun, written in March 2002, another meditation is given in which fire burns through the meridians of the body:

This simple exercise will assist initiates in sustaining the chi necessary to fuel one's ascent to 6000 100% into the physical in due course. Those ceasing one's ascent at 3000 can also use this gentle sun meditation if tired. For those with the new 12-chakra system, this meditation will have the affect of triggering the increased movement of the Pineal and Diaphragm charkas thereby filling the entire field with chi and the vibrations of the sun. One may wish to also do this exercise if one is having a particularly difficult day of ascension, or has an etheric blockage that is causing physical pain. The suns vibrations may be enough to move the blockage allowing one the internal transcendence over the underlying thought-form at cause.

1. Sit outside and facing the sun. With the eyes closed to prevent sun damage, look directly into the sun while shielding the sun with one's eyelids. Do not wear sunglasses.
2. Allow the sun to enter the pineal gland in the center of one's head. Imagine the warmth of the sun filling first one's head, and then spreading down the core of one's spine.
3. Then imagine the core radiating out to fill one's entire grid work from head to toe with the vibrations of the sun. Breathe slowly in and out as this is occurring.
4. Move the fire of the sun through each meridian in the form, opening and cleansing each to the best of one's ability.
5. Blow the fire of the sun out each major chakra center, beginning with the chakras under the feet leading to the aurora in the center of Earth, then moving fire through the feet, knees, and hip chakras.
6. Then move fire through each major chakra center beginning with the first, one at a time, ending at the seventh or twelfth charka, depending upon one's level of evolution. Then push fire through the chakras above the head leading to one's source. Make sure to breathe slowly in an out as each chakra is addressed.

Many ascending to 6000 strands with dark eyes may be better served in not wearing sunglasses, or wearing very light colored sunglasses only. Mila has found that in order to assure that she gets her daily dose of light that she cannot wear sunglasses darker than a pale pink in color. Oa, on the other hand has blue eyes that are being transmuted to hazel. He wears darker shades and a hat to protect his eyes from sunburn until they are fully transmuted to the hazel color. And so the lighter shades or no sunglasses at all are only recommended for dark brown or black eyes. Each can go within a muscle test what is best given their current level of evolution in relation to exposure of the sun, and then follow one's truth from within.
Changes in Ascension and Transcending Group Arrogance (2002)

Here's yet another meditation. This one is called the 'synthesis meditation' stemming from 2000:

9. Breathe in slowly, and then exhale slowly. Allow the kundahlini to rise up the spine like hot lava, attuning it in frequency with all tones of creation you have embodied thus far. Allow it to gradually push up the spine and out the top of the head. Open the side channels allowing the kundahlini to move up through the feet, up the legs, through the waist and rib cage, down the shoulders and out the hands, and past the ears and telepathic channels. It is the kundahlini that allows enough energy to be present in the field to create the synthesis of tones. It is also the kundahlini that burns off cords of attachment and karma in the etheric body in the act of synthesis.

10. Breathe in slowly, and then exhale slowly. Let us begin with the chakras under one's feet that lead to the center of the earth, along with the feet, knee and first chakra at the base of the spine. Let us synthesize all of these chakras into a complete rainbow of tones, without beginning and without end.

11. Allow whatever attachment comes up within the legs, knees and feet, to be released in full. As you pull the attachment from those whom you are connected to, allow the circuitry to plug into oneself, left and right, front and back, masculine and feminine within. All attachment is rooted in cut-off circuitry that was once had a whole and complete union within. Through intent, we shall move back to wholeness again.

12. Let us insert the thought-form into the grounding, feet, knees and first chakra "I am the master of my destiny. I walk the path of the God Goddess within. I allow all others their unique journey, and myself my own journey based upon my own truth."
The Nature of Synthesis (2000)

In a Kundalini meditation from May 2000 the knees are mentioned again:

8. Take another deep breath and release it slowly. Let us next focus on the knee chakras. The knees are also the gateway to grounding soul into the form. Often my human children roll up to the knees in energy and then develop major knee problems. Most knee problems are the result of the energy becoming turned off from the knee down to the feet. Open the energy in full and allow it to flow through the knees, cleansing all that is blocked from them. As the energy moves, any physical injury in this region can be corrected over time. Without the movement of energy, resurrection is not possible. It is for this reason that I am sharing this detailed information with you now.
Supporting the Human Form in Ascension (2000)

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