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Exploring Sexual Joy

Reflections on Ascension and Transformative Intimacy

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While I was reading Barbara Marciniak's 'Path of Empowerment' (2004, Inner Ocean Publishing) I was struck by the chapter on the Power of Human Sexuality. My lungs seemed to enlarge as to say that there was something important being discussed within that chapter. So, I would like to try and see if I could deal with this topic of sexuality in connection with the process of increasing vibrations. It is far from just a neutral topic as the Pleiadeans say so eloquently in this book '...perhaps [it is] both the most difficult and most dangerous of energies to understand because the power of sex can make life as well as destroy it.' (p.179)

The SSoA hasn't spoken too much about the sexual energy flow. In the excerpts page on Sexuality we can read about the advice to either abstain from sex, or to have sex with ascending initiates because of the dangers of exchanging all kinds of harmfulness with each other. In other sections we can read about the way the sexual energy flow was twisted and abused by etheric beings in order to feed upon people.

Those choosing to ascend however who enjoy sexual encounters require being very careful if you sincerely wish to ascend in this lifetime. Mila and Oa have seen many initiates lose all of their ascension records and roll back significantly after casual sexual encounters. Sexual energy that is shared creates a bond that one can be stripped through if the other party is not also upon the path of ascension. Therefore casual sex or jumping into a relationship without thorough examination is not recommended for ascending initiates.

Two upon the path of ascension together can choose to ascend together, and all kingdoms will honor such a choice. With any new relationship however, it takes time to download all of the changes necessary to sustain a dance of divine union and create a “couples” ascension”. Therefore one must be careful, and assess any new encounter as to whether such a relationship is really in one’s best interest as an ascending human.

Ascending couples have a united field in which the masculine and feminine vibrations dance in divine union together through the sexual energy flow. This type of united field can often ascend far faster than one who is single; however it also requires the greatest of compatibility between the two, as any great discord only shatters the ascent of the whole. Ascending partners therefore require a particular make up that is non-polarized or polarized in a manner that is supportive for one another.
Anatomy of an Ascending Energy Field (Tao, Earth Mother, 2002)

On the pages that you can read above a number of distortions relating to the sexual energy flow were described. Things like using sex to ground yourself, using sex to rejuvenate yourself or using sex to manipulate others or to dump karmic themes that you are not willing to deal with yourself.

We all know about the ways that people abuse sex in order to feel powerful, to degrade other people or to obtain energy from the other one. On top of that sexuality can be used in order to satisfy your lower chakra needs, it can be used to fight boredom, or it can become so addictive that you cannot control yourself any longer.

It therefore doesn't surprise me that some spiritual movements are very careful about promoting sexual interaction with others, because of all these possible manipulations and distortions.

Our Pleiadeans don't deny this aspect of dysfunctional sex, when they describe:

Remember, when you open sexual vortexes, you are playing with the raw primal power of creation, and entities from other dimensions are very attracted to the sexual energy and life force generated. With the presence of intimacy and love, dynamic higher-vibrational energies make subtle contact with you during sex for the purpose of reconnecting your physical body with the higher dimensions of your spiritual identity, which makes you invulnerable to possession.

When intimacy is feared and real value and respect for the sharing of sacred creative energies are lacking, sex becomes a mere gratification of transient desires. Such an approach is ripe for attracting lower-vibrational entities that seek a way into physical reality without having to take on the responsibility for fully occupying, owning and caring for a body.

Entity possession is like an invisible plague, and many people cannot break their cycles of dysfunctional sex because they have devalued the sex act and now have entities attached to their energy fields.

Sex has been degraded and perverted in today's world because millions of people have allowed their second chakra to be taken over by beings that use humanity to fulfill their twisted sexual desires. The real impulse behind an addiction to perversion is possession. (pp. 203-204)

Just like I have come to believe that it is necessary to open up some level of heart consciousness in order to move on in your process of vibrational growth, I tend to think that sexuality needs to be embraced in order to make another leap in consciousness. The question then becomes: how to navigate through the world of sexuality without bumping into the ancient and very strong distortions scattered all around?

I think it can be compared with the general movement on this site dealing with the ability to distinguish between harmful and harmless thoughts. I have often used my physical body to make the distinctions and I cannot see any reason not to continue using my body in order to explore the potentials of sexual interaction.

I'm not sure. If you read Relationship as an Outside Mirror you could get the impression that 'romantic' relationships in general might not be necessary at all once you have reached a certain stage in your process. Without a relationship you would have to rely on solitary sexual activity if you believe that sexual energy is a prerequisite for moving ahead.

Wouldn't the concept of 'sexuality is a necessary element in the ascension process' simply be some kind of trick in order to keep on feeding the etheric beings? I remember the vision that Desteni had, seeing people having sex all around her as an important source of energy needed to sustain the world. Wouldn't sexual intercourse produce 'loosh' which is useful for those that either created us, or those that are feeding upon us? Why would I trust a bunch of Pleiadeans that claim that sexual energy is a very vital and important force that can accelerate your level of awareness?

Although I don't know much about Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), I like the way he seemed to have connected the sexual energy flow with a kind of universal energy, he called orgone. In a Pdf-file by Christ and Schwartzman associated with the American College of Orgonomy we can read about the way sexuality can become distorted and how important it can be to regain a sexually satisfying life

After years of clinical and experimental laboratory research, Reich concluded that emotions, sexual feelings, and all life processes are expressions of a biological energy in the body. He further concluded that this life energy is related to bioelectricity but is fundamentally different. He called this energy "orgone energy". Reich theorized that orgone energy fills the universe and pulsates in all living things. He believed that deep, genuine love and the ability to experience a gratifying orgasm mutually with one's partner are the fullest and deepest expressions of our being and are central to maintaining optimal health.

Reich contended that in almost all individuals, the flow and release of orgone energy are blocked by chronic muscle contractions in various areas of the body and by emotional attitudes adopted early in life. The "nice little girl" who never gets angry, and the "strong, brave boy" who never shows fear and sadness are but two examples of such attitudes that prevent the full and rational expressions of natural emotions.

Blocked emotions interfere with pleasure in the life and cause sexual feelings to become disconnected from tender emotions of love. Without emotional release, anxiety develops, which further increases physical and emotional contraction. This cycle results in a range of problems such as feelings of emptiness, depression, irrational fears, and self-destructive behavior.

What is useful for me in the present context is the idea that if you are able to have sound and loving sexual interaction with someone else it is a sign of having worked through a whole lot of obstacles. These obstacles could as easily be called harmful thought patterns.

On the other hand, if you are unable to have loving and relatively harmless sexual interaction with someone else it is probably a sign of having harmful thought patterns lingering in your system, perhaps belonging to yourself, perhaps as a 'gift' from your ancestors stored in your D.N.A.

The Pleiadeans from Marciniak beautifully talk about the immense potentials that would arise when you would be able to allow for the harmless, joyful variant of sexuality and intimacy. Let's give a few quotes that express this concept:

...an orgasm releases your conscious mind of its rigid hold on the body, and for a short while you are floating, suspended in a space between waking and dreaming; here, your cells and subatomic particles free fall with layers of your consciousness into a state of exuberant healing.

Through sex you remind your cells of your own vitality. Sexual energy is designed to keep you tuned up; it is part of what heals your body. The orgasmic experience connects you with your spirit, reorganizing and revitalizing your cells.

The hormones released during sex alter your brain wave patterns toward balance and integration, activating the awakened cosmic mind. An orgasm can be a genital experience, a full-body experience, or a multibodied, full-chakra opening taking you on a journey into the multiverse." (pp. 191-192 from Path of Empowerment)

When you truly value the energy produced through sex, you can make great progress in understanding more of who you are, and how sexual energy opens your senses to function beyond the confines of linear time. (p.190)

Sex can bring up all kinds of energy, triggering a range of emotional responses by accessing and playing all of the black-and-white keys on your two-mile-long emotional piano. (p.191)

...Be certain that if you are having sex with someone, you have feelings of love, appreciation, and trust for that person. If you are having sex with someone who you do not trust - run!

Healthy, wholesome sex has honesty and truthfulness at the foundation. When you can build a relationship of intimacy based on reliability, trust, integrity, and good fun, you can begin to activate all kinds of awareness codes in the DNA, enhancing your life through the knowledge you gain.

...A good bonded, loving experience between two people, creating a good, honest, loving orgasm, will ripple into the neighborhood. Energy is not confined by walls. (p. 207)

I would like to round off this page on the exploration of sexual joy with the conclusion of the sixth chapter from Marciniak's book which I have found most useful and inspiring:

Sexual contact can stimulate the cells to become a sensual library of knowledge - a tribute to beauty, and pleasure, and love. Allow yourself to feel the power and vitality that are naturally yours, and live to express it. Dear friend, it is your personal responsibility to seek sexual pleasure with awareness of the sacred way - as an honorable being, with respect for your body and your partner, and with reverence for the knowing that you too can enhance the cosmic dance. (p. 210)

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